Network Security 

Our world has presently been transformed by digitization, resulting in changes in almost all our daily activities. It is essential for all organizations to protect their networks if they aim at delivering the services demanded by employees and customers. This eventually protects the reputation of your organization. With hackers increasing and becoming smarter day by day, the need to utilize network security tool becomes more and more important.
SmartRoute Tech can provide a Network Security solution for your business to protect your Network and Data from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction or improper disclosure. We also assess the implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of the services involved.
Our engineers can review the configuration of various platforms and make recommendations to help you bring your systems into line with the latest best practices.
We design, deploy, manage and troubleshoot different firewall vendors. security service that has anything to do with IPsec, remote access VPN, ACLs and NAT on the old or the NGFW firewalls.

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